How these TED talks on grief and growth will change your perspective.

I have been a follower of TED talks for a few years. I love that in a less time than it takes to watch a rerun of Seinfeld I can feel like my mind has been opened to a new thought, feeling or idea… but I’m a bit of a personal development junkie like that (it aligns with the woo-woo side of me).

Recently, at two in the morning, I went on a TED talk bender. Well, it started with listening to Brene Brown on my way to work one day, then when I was awake at such an ungodly hour it gave me something to do for a few hours. By 6:30am when everyone else was waking up I was suffering a massive TED talk hangover… good times!

A couple of the ones I’m sharing with you are TED talks on grief, but I have also included a couple that I think are super powerful for growth as well. These will help you gain insight into your grief and expand your curiosity and knowledge about working through grief and loss and not getting stuck.

My Favorite TED talks on grief

Each of these TED talks on grief look at an entirely difference perspective on grief and loss, but each one has a deep wisdom to share.

    • Beyond Closure Nancy Burns is a sociologist and my favorite thing about her talk is that she shows the importance letting go of the idea that some day you will find ‘closure’. I love this idea because I believe that after a deep loss our job is to be curious about the ongoing process of grief, examining how it changes us and how we can use it to empower us throughout our life. To do that we need to quit treating it like kindergarten graduation, as if once we’ve learned the lesson and gotten ‘closure’ we can just move on to the next thing. Nancy gives a TED talk on grief that will give you deep peace in your process.

  • Good Grief: What I’ve Learned From Loss This past weekend was the Crazy Good Grief Retreat and one of the things that I learned is that it has to be a day longer. Why? Because I didn’t get to share my lesson about the importance of ‘ritual’ and creating a sacred space. In this TED talk on grief Elaine Mansfield shows the importance of ritual on our healing process. I encourage you to watch this with the intention of finding your own ritual as a way to heal and a tool in your healing toolbox.

Other TED talks I love

I told you that what prompted me to go on a TED talks on grief bender was watching on from Brene Brown, so let me share it with you because it truly is incredible and life altering (and it’s been viewed over 3 million times!). The Power of Vulnerability cuts to the core of how being vulnerable is the key to thriving in life. Yes, I said vulnerable… gulp…. like that comes easy to any of us! Brene is funny and uses her own faults to display the power of vulnerability. This is a MUST WATCH!


This next one is not a TED talk on grief, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include my own version. In June of 2014 I spoke at Ignite Denver and gave a short five minute talk on why I think the stages of grief are a load of shit. Yes, I said ‘shit’ on stage in front of hundreds of people. I shared the 5 Stages of Good Grief and how I felt them to be more healing than the traditional 5 stages (fyi: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s original stages are not for loss of a loved one, they are for working through your own impending death)

Although some of my thoughts on  my stages of Good Grief have evolved from when I did this, there is a connection to Nancy’s ‘Beyond Closure’ talk in getting away from thinking that we can be done with grief some day.

What are your favorite TED talks on grief?

Do you have a favorite or one you would like to add to this list? Please share it with a link in the comments below. As I said, I am a lifelong learner and always take recommendations of ways I can improve my self and embrace this lifelong process of grief.

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