I don't work with private clients anymore, instead I'm thrilled to share this online version of my most popular workshop so that you can access it when it fits into your healing journey! 

For the past two years ​I have presented this online course as a live workshop and from stages all over the the country. Invariably every time I would host a workshop I would get two types of emails from people.  

​One email would be from people in other parts of the US asking if/when I could come to their hometown and share this message. The second one would be from someone saying they would LOVE to take the course, but they aren't quite ready yet (which I totally get-it took me 4 years to go to a support group!)

Those two reasons are exactly why I created this course! ​

​I love that I can share the same info with you online that you and I would share in person. I also love that no matter where you are on your journey you can do this from the comfort of your own home when the time is right for you. The only thing I miss is the beautiful in-person connection I get to share with so many incredible healing warriors like you. 

​In this course I share with you what it took me over six years to figure out. And, when I did it changed everything about my healing journey!

In the six and a half years since losing my son two things have allowed me to build a powerful healing foundation; once I had this foundation everything I felt about my grief changed - for the better! 

The first is… I created a powerful visual of what my broken heart (ie my grief) looks like, gave it attributes and characteristics that help me personify it. This helped me make certain I could see that I am, and always will be, more than my grief and that my grief doesn't define me.

The second… Being open to new ways of thinking and seeking knowledge on a subject I never wanted to know much about. 

I've also learned, from people just like you, that we have to travel our own path, grief is not linear and we need support along the way.

In this "Giving Your Grief  A Seat At The Table" online course...

You will see why this has been my most requested speech and most popular workshop for the past two years.

I will share the same material you would get if you attended in person.

You will create a healing and clear visual on how you can positively manage your relationship with grief. This will allow you to honor your loved one AND find joy in your 'new normal'. 

You will be able to take action when you need it most, not when a conference or workshop is scheduled.

You’ll move away from hopelessness, struggle and despair, and move towards:

  • - Identifying the role hurt & loss plays in your day to day life.

  • - Visualizing your hurt as a relationship you must nurture.

  • - Applying breath work as a healing tool to reduce anxiety & tension.

  • -Have 'go-to' tools you can use to understand how your grief changes so that you don't get stuck in the process.

I’m proof that you can learn to positively live hurt and loss.

This is a process, not an plan, and it unfolds with or without our help. When we take action we can control the outcome, when we don’t, the outcomes control us.

If you’re considering whether this is a good fit for you, I'd love to chat, email me at to connect.

See what are other people saying that have experienced  my workshops...

I felt less crazy, uncontrolled and overwhelmed around  other parents. I was terrified before going that all that grief in one place would be too much to handle and that I would be crushed by the weight of it all. But the exact opposite was true, I learned - these are my people, they get me.

Carrie L 
Mom to Ashley    

I went to one of her workshops where her message resonated so much with me that I was compelled to attend another one of her workshops. Paula gets it; she has lived through and is surviving grief after the loss of her son. Her thoughts, ideas and tips were great validators of what my wife and I were doing to navigate the grief associated with the loss of our son Jeff. Paula’s words made me feel okay with being sad but also okay with working hard to be happy again.

Greg J 
Dad to Jeff        

Workshops like this are funk busters. They get you moving (literally) and they make you face and work on things we normally sweep aside or ignore to get through another day. I love how your workshops go beyond the hurt and work towards living life.

Amy A 
Mom to Alex     


I’ve kept the price affordable and accessible, in comparison to the transformation that can happen when you take action and learn to have faith in your inner wisdom.

You can take your time, from the comfort of your own home listening to and interacting with the course online.

Once you purchase this course it's your for as long as you want it. You can keep coming back as your healing evolves.

Your investment is only $47

​*10% off all proceeds goes to organizations that support healing from loss

P.S. I've added a bonus course called, "The Upside of Experiencing Life's Downside" at no additional charge. You will get it when you purchase the course above! :)