The universe conspires in the strangest ways sometimes. Shortly before Brandon died I became the proud owner of a small all natural-organic bath and body company. I reveled in making all the products myself and learning so much about natural body products. Part of my education was about essential oils, which I had never really used or knew much about.

When Brandon passed away I found myself drawn to these scents and creating products became my sanctuary from the weight of my grief. Using essential oils for my grief became an unexpected tool.

One of my strongest memories of healing scents is of taking a buttermilk bath (product testing of course) with a blend of Rose, grapefruit and vanilla…. heaven…. The hot bath water had blended into a creamy mix of  buttermilk, Epsom salt and scents that released so much emotional tension I could almost feel it leave my body.

Sometimes I would go into the basement with the essential oils and just smell whatever scent called to my emotional needs. I began to notice a trend of what I was drawn to and how it made me feel – there was definitely some mystic magic happening between me and the essential oils for healing my grief.

essential oils for grief

How .to use these healing elements

What are essential oils – the short & smelly version

There is so much I could tell you about these healing oils and so many ways to use them. Then there’s the whole blending them to create even more magic! Whew, so much to share and so little time. Below I shared the short version of what you need to know to use these essential oils for your grief and healing.

  • Essential oils are derived from plants, leaves, bark and other plant/trees preserving their essence, scent and healing properties.
  • The best way to use them is to either inhale them or rub them on the skin. Only a small amount is necessary.
  • Essential oils combine with our bodies own natural processes to enhance our physical, mental or emotional well-being.
  • Quality matters, buy the good stuff – pure and all natural with no synthetic scents added.

Essential oils for grief that are essential

While I could literally give you dozens of options here I am going to stick with some very basic oils that you can get your hands on at any Whole Foods or natural grocery store. I am also only going to list them individually and not blended with anything else to keep it simple. But keep in mind there are lots of great blends that are packaged for a particular emotion.

Essential Oil for Depression & Anxiety – Calming Essence

  • Bergamot: Known to reduce tension and help with sleeplessness, it is also an emotional powerhouse helping release fear and supporting self-love
  • Lavender: The most well known and popular essential oil and one of the few that has lots of scientific data backing the calming effects of this essential oil for grief. Be sure to use real, natural lavender, not a man made synthetic as it can have the opposite effect. Put a few drops on your pillow case before you go to bed at night!

Essential Oil for Focus & Clarity

  • Peppermint: Known to be uplifting it also clears the mind and increases focus. Perfect for when you can’t let your grief get in the way of getting an important task done!
  • Rosemary: This is a popular essential oil right now and for good reason. It increases mental function and clarity. Some studies suggest, when combined with Lavender it reduces cortisol – the stress hormone. It also has a very uplifting quality.

Essential Oil to Lift Your Spirit & Manifest Joy

  • Most any Citrus: Grapefruit is my favorite, but you can also use lime, sweet orange or lemon! Citrus is emotionally uplifting and produces positive outward energy.
  • Rosewood: Known for it’s anti-depressive qualities it is also used to reduce headaches and lift your mood. As a side note, in the past rosewood trees have been over harvested, so use with a conscious spirit.

Using Essential Oils for Grief

I will most likely do a second post listing additional essential oils for grief. Below I shared a link to a starter pack that includes many of the ones I listed above. Click the link to purchase the pack.

The best part of essential oils for grief is that you can play around with what works for you find oils that work with your own emotions and body.

Click this picture to purchase this soothing pack of essential oils you can use! Love these!

Do you have favorite essential oils you use for healing your grief? Tell me all about them in the comments below!

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