About Paula

Healing ourselves and our lives through mindfulness and resilience. 

Crazy Good Grief isn’t just about my story – It’s about your story too.

The event(s) that got you here matter… But what matters most is the story you are unfolding even as you read this…

The story you have yet to write, about how you fought hard to make it through 100% of the hard days and searched in the smallest spaces of your broken heart wondering how you will go on…. And yet you do because here you are sharing this moment with me.

Your healing story will continue to be written and revised because that’s how it is to lose a piece of your heart.

Come with me and step out of the shadow of your loss and into the sunlight that honors the best of your loved one and share it with the world.


If you are in this unique club of having experienced a loss or other traumatic event and wonder if your life will ever feel joy again – Welcome!

If you feel a need to deeply honor your life experiences by getting curious and finding what heals you – Welcome!

If you want to know what it feels like to be happy & vibrant again – Welcome!

I believe we can have a healthy, happy, vibrant life after loss. It starts with the courage to connect to a community of people who understand the deep searing cut of life unfolding in a dramatically different way than expected. 

GRATITUDE, LETTING-GO, LOVE, SELF-CARE, COMMUNITY and  big heaping dose of WHOLE-PERSON CARE will begin to shift your ‘new normal’ into a better place. To get there we have to treat our mind, body & soul as a sacred vehicle of change.

Tending to our soul grows gratitude and gratitude is powerful enough to heal even the deepest wound.

 I know the heartbreak of losing a child.

On October 9th, 2010 I lost my oldest son. He passed away while home on leave from the Army. On that day my heart was shattered into so many pieces it would be months before I could even consider what I would do with all those pieces. Then I got a letter from another Mom who had also lost her oldest son.  She suggested the most absurd, crazy, unheard of idea… such crazy good idea in fact I figured it might just work! 

“Use all those broken pieces of your heart and build expansion joints.”

She was actually suggesting that I could use this broken heart of mine and build something bigger! That I could fill in the spaces with experiences that would be meaningful and amazing and that it would create a bigger more expansive heart than previously existed. I sat on the front steps of my house, letter in hand and for the first time in months felt a small piece of my heart warmly stitch itself back together.

The truth is, my heart will always be scarred, (and so will yours) there was no control of that. But I do have control over how I tend to that scar. I knew I did not want to use Super Glue to put those pieces back together… I didn’t want a hardened heavy heart to carry the rest of my life. It’s hard enough to live as a mother who’s lost a child, I don’t have to manifest anger, hate and/or resentment.

This doesn’t mean I don’t hurt, grieve, cry, have anger and heartache – just like you. It means that how I live the rest of my life is the only way the rest of the world will continue to remember Brandon and how I will honor my son’s life.  So this is CRAZY GOOD GRIEF! 

*hugs* Paula

Professional Bio

Paula has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is currently finishing her studies in Buddhist Chaplaincy. She is a Certified Wellness Coach and 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor.  She brings professionalism and compassion to her work by recognizing the importance of healing the whole person, mind/body/spirit.

Paula is a sought after inspirational speaker on the topic of personal growth, resilience and grief as well as many health & wellness topics. 

She has presented at the national level for the American College of Sports Medicine, The Compassionate Friends National Conference and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Her authentic, humble and humorous style endears her to all types of audiences.

 An avid runner Paula qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2007. She also enjoys mountain biking, skiing, camping and good craft beer. Paula also loves time with her other 3 sons as they encourage her to push the edge of adventure.  Never a dull moment when you’re the mother of boys!