About me… 

Why the heck should you listen to me? And who the heck do I think I am telling you what to do?

First off, hey – how are you during these tough times? When did you last make time for yourself? Read a book? Take a walk?  My name is Paula and I specialize in working with people just like you – people who care deeply, are compassionate and have tough as sh*t jobs!

And, as for why you should listen to me over the countless other voices in the resilience world, let me give you the short answer (because we are all busy).

I have 20+ years in health and wellness, a master’s degree in exercise physiology, certified wellness coach & mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, and  a hospital chaplain (in the Buddhist tradition)

I have worked with hundreds of caregivers (just like you) and helped them go from struggling to find joy and purpose in their work and life to feeling a renewed sense of purpose for their work and looking forward to each day in as little as one month.  

The reason I do it is that I love it. I love being able to help people struggling with compassion fatigue, burnout and a general feeling of ‘meh’.  I love knowing that they can forever say buh-bye to overwhelm & anxiety. Seriously. FOREVER.

And in case you still have some nagging doubts, here are a few of my collection of love notes:

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Professional Bio (for those who like the academic stuff)

Paula has a Masters’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and studied Buddhist Chaplaincy at  Upaya Institute and Zen Center. She is a Certified Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor.  She brings professionalism and compassion to her work by recognizing the importance of healing the whole person, mind/body/spirit.

Paula is a sought-after inspirational speaker on the topic of personal growth, resilience, and grief as well as many health & wellness topics. 

She has presented at the national level for the American College of Sports Medicine, The US State Department, the American Heart Association as well as many others. Her authentic, humble, and humorous style endears her to all types of audiences. 

 An avid runner Paula qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2007. She also enjoys mountain biking, skiing, camping and good craft beer. Paula also loves time with her boys as they encourage her to push the edge of adventure.  Never a dull moment when you’re the mother of boys!