Hi, my name is Paula. I bring a whole-person integrative approach to my work with you so that you achieve your greatest potential, live authentically, and bring your unique gifts into the world for the benefit of others. 

You are not broken, or weak or in need of being fixed – you are perfectly imperfect. In Buddhism we call this your “Buddha Nature”, or basic goodness. You are born with it it is your birthright. It is your unique ‘imperfections’ that is precisely what the world needs. My job is to simple – Be the catalyst to set up the conditions for you to work through adversity and increase the joy you have in your work and life!


 What do I believe?

We achieve our best selves when we bring a healthy body, calm mind, and open heart into our work and life. 

Limiting beliefs, unconscious thoughts and that damn inner critic limit who we’re meant to be, when this happens we are stealing from those who need us the most.  

let that sink in … 

What if, by not making the effort to bring your best self and work into the world, other people are left without what they need to do the same? The ripple effect of what happens when we are each able to fully contribute our unique gifts to the whole can be a game-changer.

What motivates me to do this work?

Simple! Healthy, balanced people and leaders have the greatest potential to positively change individual lives and impact communities. I believe community and deep connection are the single most powerful way to change the world.  One.Person.At.A.Time.

 What is Integrative Wellness?

 It’s a unique approach that brings your total self into the work, nothing is left out. That might sound like a huge undertaking. It starts with mindful awareness of your own basic and innate goodness. Basic goodness is our birth right, we all possess it. Maybe it’s gotten lost somewhere between career pursuits, motherhood, and cultural expectations of our bodies, but it’s still there you just need to tap into it, again, for the first time.


Professional Bio (for those who like the academic stuff)

Paula has a Masters’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and studied Buddhist Chaplaincy at  Upaya Institute and Zen Center. She is a Certified Wellness Coach and 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor.  She brings professionalism and compassion to her work by recognizing the importance of healing the whole person, mind/body/spirit.

Paula is a sought after inspirational speaker on the topic of personal growth, resilience and grief as well as many health & wellness topics. 

She has presented at the national level for the American College of Sports Medicine, The US State Department, American Heart Association as well as many others. Her authentic, humble, and humorous style endears her to all types of audiences. 

 An avid runner Paula qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2007. She also enjoys mountain biking, skiing, camping and good craft beer. Paula also loves time with her boys as they encourage her to push the edge of adventure.  Never a dull moment when you’re the mother of boys!